Group exercises

In our Smíšek Rehacentrum there are also regular group exercise classes, both for beginners and advanced participants. During the group exercise we explain the basic principles and see to the correct execution of the exercises. The prerequisite for participation in the group exercise for beginners is knowledge of the basic principles of the Spiral Stabilization exercise (knowledge of at least one exercise). In the advanced group exercise, a set of 12 basic exercises is then practiced.

In September 2022 we also started a regular exercise class (every odd week) for children between 6 -15 years of age. The exercise lasts 30 minutes and costs CZK 150. Parents can attend the class, but they do not exercise.

Please bring comfortable clothes; exercises are done in socks without shoes. Entrance fee is either a one-time payment of CZK 200 / lesson, or you can use a discounted pass for 10 entries for CZK 1,500. Due to the limited capacity of the gym, the pass is not transferable between classes. Please book individual lessons by phone.